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Procedure for registration

The term for holding the examination of a utility model application is three months from the application filing date.

Verification of the compliance of a utility model with the patentability condition is not implemented at the time of examination of the utility model applications.

A decision to grant a patent for the utility model will be made if, upon the examination results, it is established that the utility model application, which was filed with regard to a technical solution, is protected as a utility model and if it includes all the necessary documents, which are drawn up in accordance with the specified requirements.

A utility model shall be registered in the State Register of Utility Models, based on the decision to grant a patent on condition of the prescribed patent fee payment.

The data on the patent for the utility model is published in an official bulletin within three months upon the utility model registration in the State Register of Utility Models.

The patent to the patent proprietor shall be granted within five days from the date of publication of the data on the patent for a utility model.



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