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Subjects of protection

2An implementation of an art-design concept in a product of multiple performances is important for identifying this product as an industrial model. In case this request could not been implemented, this product belongs to subjects protected by the law of copyright and it is likely to be considered as a work of art.

The legislation does not describe the classification of industrial models. In order to determine the product as an industrial model one should take into account the characteristics used for art or art-design concepts.

The objects of industrial models are as follows:

  • Art-design concepts of the products with a complex composition based on an advanced dimensional pattern (as for example, machine, car, motorcycle):
  • Art-design concepts of the products with a monoblock composition (as for example, TV set, radio receiver, panel matter, case) and also the concepts based on correlation of primitive geometric volumes (for example, modular furniture):
  • Art-design concepts with a plane composition (for example, textiles, neckwear, handkerchiefs).
  • Art-design concepts of clothes.
  • Art-design concepts of shoes.
  • Art-design concepts of products’ sets (lines).

Legal protection in the capacity of industrial model does not apply to the following:

  • concepts determined solely by the technical function of the product;
  • architectural constructions (except hardscaping constructions), industrial, hydro-engineering and other fixed-site constructions;
  • concepts contradicting public interests, principles of morality and humanity;
  • objects of variable form, from liquid, gaseous, granular or other similar materials;
  • printed materials as such.




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