Patenting in the Republic of Belarus and abroad



Patent services


A full range of services in the IP field. Patenting in Belarus and abroad. Trademark registration. Representation in courts.


Legal services


Copyright Law. Employment - related IP objects. Arbitration. Preparation of contracts, regulations, internal regulations. Registration of enterprises.

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Koubriakov, Tseliatsitskaya & Partners, Ltd.

Our company specialises in the field of patent and legal services and is one of few patent firms which are made up of both patent attorneys and certified lawyers.

Our specialists provide counsel on Intellectual Property matters including the protection and implementation of the rights for industrial property objects, preparation and filing of applications, patenting abroad, preparation of documents for the development and transfer of rights for employee's works and copyright objects, as well as services on challenging titles of protection in relation to industrial property objects.


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Koubriakov, Tseliatsitskaya & Partners, Ltd.   220004 Minsk , avenue Pobediteley, 17, of. 1015, Republic of Belarus.    Tel/Fax: (017) 226 99 34.