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Procedure for registration

The application examination is carried out by the National Center of Intellectual Property within three months from the date of application filing.

There is no examination which establishes that a topography complies with the terms of legal protection (i.e. whether a topography is original and represent the result of creative activity).

The applicant is notified about the positive decision of examination as well as the concession of priority.

The priority can be established by the date of receipt of duly executed application by the National Center of Intellectual Property or by the date of the first use of the topography for commercial purposes anywhere in the world, as well as by the date of its first embodiment or encoding.

On the basis of the decision on registration of a topography in the Registry of topographies and issue of a certificate, the National Center of Intellectual Property registers the topography in the Registry within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the document confirming the payment of fee for the registration of topography and issue of a certificate in the established amount.

The information on registration of integrated circuit topographies is published in the official bulletin within six months from the date of registration.

The registration certificate of a topograhy is issued within five days from the day of registration of the topography in the National Registry.


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