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Registration of companies

Legal implementation of your unique ideas and resorting to legal assistance while making first steps in the market  is a starting point in business.

Our company will help you to understand the fundamentals of incorporation, provide you with legal advice free of charge, assist in preparation of all necessary documents and represent your interests in public institutions while registering your own company (unitary enterprise, additional liability company, limited liability company, joint stock company, foreign and joint venture).

In addition, our specialists will help you to organize activities of your company at the early stages of your business.

According to Article 63 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus business companies are the commercial organizations with a statutory fund made up of shares that are divided between its founders (participants). The property created by contributions of the founders (participants), as well as the property manufactured and purchased by a business partnership or a company in the process of its business activities is an own property of such partnership/company.

Business companies can be created in the form of a joint stock company, limited liability company or additional liability company.

It is important to know

In accordance with part 1 paragraph 26 of the “Regulations on the state registration of business entities”, owners of the property (founders, participants) of a profit making or non-profit organization, the head of the organization (another person authorized to act on behalf of the organization in accordance with incorporation documents) as well as private entrepreneurs are responsible for the authenticity of the information set forth in the documents submitted for state registration, including the information in the application materials.


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